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Thread: how step?

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    I'm a newbie and I can't arrange my mind to use Oracle8i, Developer/2000 and use it together.

    How many step for basic use Oracle and Developer/2000?

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    I am not clear, if you can elaborate little I will try helping you.

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    Allright, I mean if I need to use oracle8i,
    1. Install 8i
    2. start managerservice on NT
    3. create first repository
    4. connect enterprise manager
    and then 5. I don't know what I do to create my database,
    my table, relationship, and using it

    for developer/2000
    I know only it can develop an application, but what I do first.

    and I know developer/2000 can access database on 8i
    but I don't know how It's relate between.

    Cause I need to create an application by using developer/2000 and database is 8i, may it deploy a part on [url]http://www.[/url] Can you advise me to use them? by BASIC.


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    1) Install Developer/2000
    2) Install Oracle8i
    3) Develop the application
    4) I think you have to install forms server/Oracle Application Sever or iAS to deploy the application on Web.

    Not very familiar with Developer Product. I will try posting back after I get little info on deployment using Forms and Reports as metoo curious in knowing.

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    1. Install Oracle
    2. Install Client - D2K
    3. Create 8i Database
    4. Configure listeners, client - tnsnames.ora
    5. Configure host ip address in client.
    6. If u want a web based app - use Oracle App. Server . I think Oracle Portal should also be helpful but not sure about this.
    7. Design your application and build your tables/indexes on the database
    8. start coding....!!
    Hope that would suffice.


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