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Thread: How to list tables based on DML activity

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    Could you point me to a method/script that will list tables based on DML activity on them? I have 10 tablespaces based on 10 business affiliates, and each aff. has the same set of applications as tables in each tablespace. I need to find out which application (as the total from all affiliates, therefore across all tablespaces) is the most active in terms of DML activities. So tablespace or datafile level i/o sort won't work.

    Thanks for the help.

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    If you have different usernames for different affiliates, you can turn on database auditing and get the information.

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    Oracle 8i Log Miner which can be used against version 8 is an option to track the changes to dataabse. If its 734 auditing is the only option with performance degradation as an issue.

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