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    POSITION/TITLE: Experienced Oracle DBA

    If you are a confident and technically gifted Oracle DBA with 3+ years experience, we need you to handle the production/development databases. Our company is currently running Oracle 8i on UNIX (Solaris) and NT platforms. The individual would be responsible for setting up/create databases, design application schemas/integrity, and conduct performance tuning/optimization. He/she will also be responsible for physical/logical DB design, development, installation, configuration, and administration of the company's Oracle database. The candidate will be assigned problems of diverse scope and is expected to exercise superb problem solving skills. The candidate is expected to complete assignments with little supervision and must be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously.


    · Oracle DBA experience in a web environment
    · 3 years of Oracle DBA experience in both production/development environments
    · Configuration of advanced server replication, configuring a hot backup, setting up/creating new databases, performance tuning/optimization, application schema design, and partitioning tables on multiple versions of Oracle (Oracle 7, Oracle 8, Oracle 8i)
    · Experience with SQL, UNIX (Solaris), stored procedures, triggers, and DB tools


    · Oracle DBA experience on UNIX and NT platforms
    · Oracle Application Server
    · Oracle Web Server
    · Oracle Replication Server
    · Oracle Parallel Server
    · Knowledge of OO databases would be helpful

    *Unfortunately we are not in a position to sponsor at this time*

    REPORTING TO: Chief Technology Officer

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    Lightbulb Oracle DBA


    Can this position be administered remotely?

    Give me a call to discuss details.

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    Thumbs up I have your guy!!

    Take a look at Mr. Tiamiyu Salau's resume he is $65 an hour.

    Call me .... 201-934-7888 mon-fir 9am 5pm easter

    Kama Consulting Incorporated
    6 Arrow Road, Suite 203
    Ramsey NJ, 07446
    (201) 934-7888 Fax: (201) 934-7166
    Professional Profile

    Tiamiyu Salau

    Compaq Server/Workstations, HP Servers/Workstations, Dell Servers/Workstations.
    Oracle RDBMS (8i, 8.0, 7.x), Oracle Development Tools (Designer/2000, Developer/2000, Discoverer/2000), Procedure Builder, Oracle Browser, Oracle 7, 8 Server and Enterprise Server, Oracle Forms (4.5, 5.0), SQL, PL/SQL, MS Windows NT Server 3.51, 4, NT Workstation, MS Windows (3.1, 95, 98), OS/2, SCO Unix System V, SCO UnixWare V 7.1, Sun Solaris, Novell Netware.
    Tiamiyu has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and over six years of Oracle experience. He is a Certified Oracle8 and Oracle8i DBA. He worked on different operating systems and hardware platforms in the past. Tiamiyu worked as an Oracle DBA, Oracle Products Consultant and Oracle Application Developer with the Oracle alliance company in Nigeria.
    KAMA CONSULTING, INC., Consultant Sep 2000 - Present
    AON Consulting, Oracle Consultant
    Tiamiyu’s duties include tuning and re-writing some of the PL/SQL Packages and procedures for the company’s annual enrollment exercise. This task involves analyzing SQL queries and re-writing them for efficiency. He also re-designs packages used for importing and exporting data to and from the database for better performance and efficiency. Tiamiyu participated in the setting up of parameters and Oracle Packages that interface with the voice system (Periphonics) used for benefit enrollment.

    SONET TECHNOLOGY LTD, Senior Oracle DBA Jan 2000 – Aug 2000
    Sonet Technology is an Oracle consulting company in Nigeria. It sells Oracle Solutions and offers various consulting services ranging from database design, DBA support and application development. Tiamiyu was involved in the following projects:
    · He was in charge of the design, installation and configuration of the first Oracle database for the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company. He also installed and configured both DBA and development tools for the company. This included: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Designer 2000 and Oracle Developer 2000. Tiamiyu was also in charge of the entire administration of the database for six months. His duties included: Performance Tuning, Designing Backup and recovery strategies, writing PL/SQL codes to monitor the system performance, defining user access to the database, problems troubleshooting, assisting developers in data modeling using Oracle Designer 2000 (creating Domains, entities and attributes, generating and executing SQL DDL on the database), tuning SQL statements for better efficiency, creating database packages, procedures, functions and triggers.
    · Tiamiyu was a site DBA for the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Limited (NAHCO) where he was involved in the upgrade of the Oracle Database from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8.1.5. He assisted in migrating applications from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8.1 database. He was in charge of routine tuning, design and implementation of backup and recovery procedures.

    MEGATECH SOFTWARE LTD, (Nigerian Oracle Affiliate) June 1994 – Dec 1999
    Oracle DBA/Oracle Product Consultant, (April 1996 – Dec 1999)
    Megatech Software being the first Oracle alliance partner in Africa is in charge of all Oracle technologies and products in Nigeria. Tiamiyu was primarily in charge of all oracle products in the company ranged from Oracle Databases to Development tools. This position gave him a wide exposure/understanding of most of the oracle tools. He was also in charge of overseeing all applications developed in the company.
    As a company DBA, Tiamiyu managed the in-house Oracle Databases running on various Operating Systems, which included: Window NT, UnixWare, Sco UNIX and Novel Netware.
    His in-house duties included:
    · Installing Oracle Database and Oracle products.
    · Implementing Backup/Recovery Strategies.
    · System tuning for better performance.
    · Assisting Programmers to identify and tune queries.
    · Creating users and marinating database securities.

    Tiamiyu also served as a site DBA to most of the company clients including the following:
    · Magnum Trust Bank, Ltd.: He installed and configured Oracle 8.1.6 database on Windows NT 4 Server Operating system for the Bank’s non–banking applications (MegaMan - Human Resources Software and MegaCamms - Asset and Material Management System). He also installed Oracle Designer repository and Developer 6.0.5 for the customization of the applications at the sites. Because of the high volume of users, the system was configured as a multithreaded server. Tiamiyu liaised with the company in-house DBA to implement some basic backup and recovery strategies.
    He also implemented some basic PL/Script to identify database events. This included identifying tablespaces that are almost filled up, tables that have almost exhausted their extents, identifying object locking.
    · First Bank of Nigeria PLC: While acting as the site DBA for six months, he was in charge of the bank’s 24 x 7 Database running on Sun Solaris. His duties were to maintain uptime running of the database and perform database tuning for better performance. He was in charge of database upgrade from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8.0.5. He implemented database backup and recovery strategies for the bank, and worked with programmers to resolve critical problems in the-day-to-day running of their applications.
    · Access Bank Nigeria PLC: This project involved the installation of Oracle 8.0.5 database on Sco UnixWare and Oracle development tools on the client’s workstations. While serving as a site DBA for the bank for a period of three months, he designed and implemented various Backup/Recovery scripts for the Bank, did extensive performance tuning and also worked with the application programmers from time to time to resolve Oracle issues.
    · Chevron Nigeria Limited: As a site DBA for two months, Tiamiyu was in charge of the entire Oracle Databases for the company (most of them run 24x7). He maintained the system backup and recovery strategy, performance tuning and general day-to-day running of the system. He also attended to user problems.

    · Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC): He installed Oracle 7.3 database on Sun Solaris Operating system. He was a site DBA for the corporation for over 3 months. He also developed various scripts to assist the company's DBAs in monitoring the database for better performance.

    Oracle Programmer/Analyst: (Jun 1994 – Mar 1996)
    Tiamiyu’s duties as a systems analyst /programmer included system analysis, design and coding. He was an assistant project manager and later a project manager of the 8-member team that developed a full-blown Oracle based Human resources package. The application was developed using Oracle Designer /2000 and Developer /2000. He fully developed the Pension management Module of the application. He wrote over 50% of forms and reports of the Human Resources Module and PL/SQL Packages that are used for tax calculation and loan management in the payroll module. This application has been implemented in more than ten sites in Nigeria. Implementing this system across various databases on different operating systems afforded him the opportunity to do extensive work on data migration from different programming platform to Oracle Database. This involved writing control files to load data from ASCII format to Oracle database using Oracle SQL Loader. He is well versed in the use of Oracle report writer to design user specific reports. He conducted trainings to system end users and junior programmers. He also wrote stored packages, procedures, Database triggers and functions.
    He has conducted Oracle training on the following areas of Oracle technologies:
    Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Performance tunings, Oracle Backup and Recovery, Designer 2000, Developer 2000, PL SQL Programming, Introduction to SQL, SQL Forms, SQL Menu and SQL Report Writer.
    He has also done series of presentations and seminars on Oracle Database, Oracle tools and Oracle Applications to current/prospective clients.
    Implementation and Administration of Oracle Financial – Oracle African office, Zimbabwe 1999.

    If your looking for good programmers we have them.

    Kama will GUARANTEE the first week of our consultants employment, if you are not happy we will not send you the bill!

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