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    I haven't heard much about it, but we are looking for ways to encrypt the stored data, without a lot of performance impact.

    Kinda like how credit card numbers are encrypted in a database, we want to do that to some columns... however these columns WOULD be used in a WHERE clause, and the unencrypted data is what is needed.

    Any ideas?


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    In 8.1.6 you can use package DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT for encryption.

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    what's the performance like for encrypted data? (i.e. unencrypting it when selecting it).

    If I wanted to sum up a column of numbers (and that column is encrypted), and I do:
    select sum (dbms_obfuscation_toolkit.DESDecrypt(input => COL_A, key => raw_key, decrypted_data => decrypted_raw)) from table_A;

    will that work? note, COL_A was already encrypted

    what's the performance going to be like?

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