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    Immediate requirement for a Data Modelling consultant with Oracle or Sybase DBA experience for a 1 year contract in New York City

    The position requires 3 years of related experience with data modelling tools ERWIN or Designer 2000 and oracle or sybase dba experience...

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    Oracle DBA

    Arrived to NJ,USA recently on H1B. Brainbench.com certifications passed in Oracle 8.0 Admin, Oracle 8I Admin (Beta) and Oracle PL/SQL.

    Kailash Kumar Pareek
    Qualified computer professional having over 15 years of experience in IT management in large manufacturing organizations. The experience is largely in the field of Business systems analysis & design, management of business data, Database administration (Oracle Database for over 6 years) and UNIX system administration for over 13 years.

    Hardware: Intel IA-32 architecture based systems. Servers from Compaq - Proliant 5000 (Pentium pro) and Compaq Prosignia 200 etc.

    Operating Systems: Various Propriety Unices of HCL & Wipro of India, MS Xenix, UNIX 4.3.2, SCO-UNIX 5.0 OSE, RH Linux 5.2/6.0/6.2 ,Windows NT 4, 95

    Languages: Pro*C, C, PL/SQL, Basic, Fortran, Cobol

    Software: Oracle 8i/8.x/7.x, SQL*Plus 8.x,3.x, PL/SQL 8.x/3.x, SQL*Loader, Export, Import, Oracle Enterprise Manager 2.x, Oracle WEB DB 2.2, Erwin, Developer 2000 1.5 , SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Menu 5.0, SQL*Report 1.0, UNIFY 4 , ACCELL 2000,MS-Access

    B E (Electronics & Communications), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 1980
    Master of Business Administration ( MBA - HR), IGNOU (Open University), India, 1999

    Professional Training, Seminars & Courses:
    Database design & CASE (1 week), Oracle 7.0 internals (2 days), Various topics in OOW (Twice in Delhi, 1998,1999) and iDevelop in Mumbai 2000), UNIX, UNIFY & C.
    J K Cement Works, Rajasthan, India Jan, 1996 – Jan,2001
    Complete Re-engineering of I T department
    J K Cement Works is a large gray cement manufacturer with installed capacity of 2.2 Million tones per year, employs about 1800 persons in various categories and has turnover of about 4000 million INR. When joining the organization, it had a propriety HW & UNIX OS along with Oracle V5. Two modules (Stores & Purchase) were in Oracle, rests were in COBOL. Only two staff knew little bit of SQLPLUS & Forms 2.0 & RPT. After joining, finalized the specification for procurement of HW, SW & networking components, coordinated for new site preparation, procured & installed all the systems including the LAN and moved over to new site. Personally installed SCO UNIX 5.0 OSE, Oracle 7.1 and D2K products. Initiated the re-engineering of all systems from COBOL to Oracle and re-design of Stores & Purchase modules from Oracle V5 to Oracle V7 with Forms 3.0, PRO*C, SQLPLUS, Forms 4.5 & report 2.5 etc. Later on migrated the systems to RHL 6.0 and Oracle 8.0.5 (Production) and 8.1.6 (Development & testing). Multifaceted role includes that of IT manager, Project manager, business systems analyst, database designer, UNIX system administrator and Oracle DBA. As Oracle DBA, installed Oracle server, D2K and other software number of times. Since our production database is critical, have setup standby on another machine and developed scripts for regular automatic transfer of archived redo logs and application. This is besides the export backup we take every day. Point-wise the job comprised of following: Site preparation, HW & SW specification, procurement & installation, Recruitment of new manpower, Training of existing manpower, Business systems development & implementation, Selection of vendor & interface for modules out sourced and Integration of various modules. Continuous improvement & systems maintenance, Hardware maintenance of all PC, printers etc. and inventory of spare parts & consumable and Creation of a conducive HR environment & self and collective learning.

    We implemented business systems as under Sales, Billing & distribution system with accounts receivable. A most critical application with 24x7 criticality having dispatches of over 6000 MT daily for over 10, 000 customers. The billing rules & options are quite complex. This system was designed along with external consultants. Financial accounting with budget, costing and general ledger. Stores & purchase systems with over 30,000 items. Payroll & HR system and Raw material system with online connection of 2 weigh bridges on the LAN Maintenance management with over 3000 equipment and 20,000 spares. Company INTRANET with Apache web server giving a lot of reports online from oracle database with JSP & Java Servlets. INTRANET & Internet e-mail & new servers for 200 users on LAN. Similar Systems for two other associate plans. The computerization at 3 educational institutions on Windows NT, Oracle 7.3 and D2K.
    Environment: Oracle 8i/8.x/7.x, Oracle Enterprise Manager 2.x, SQL*Plus 8.x/3.x, PL/SQL 8.x/2.x, Erwin, Export, Import, SQL LDR, SCO Unix 5.0 OSE, Red Hat Linux 6.0/6.2, Windows NT 4.0, D2K 1.5, PRO*C.

    Have experience on Oracle peer to peer replication ( N-way replication) on test environment.

    Experience as Unix system administration at JKCW
    While the above description mainly focuses on my activities as IT manager and Oracle DBA, this paragraph puts in my activities as Unix system administration. When I joined, the company had a propriety UNIX OS (magnix on Motorola CPU, compatible to SVR3.2). I procured & installed SCO UNIX OSE 5.0 on Intel machines. The job included the kernel re-configurations, user management, back up & recovery and system performance monitoring and tunning on multiple unix boxes. Installed & configured serial terminal cards and services and TCP/IP networking. Installed and configured DHCP, DNS, Sendmail, NIS, NFS etc. services on unix for our LAN.

    Later on migrated to RH Linux 5.2 / 6.0/6.2. Ported all applications and users to Linux. In addition to jobs performed as above for SCO Unix, also installed & configured Apache web server, inn news server, sendmail mail server, fetchmail for reading internet mail and distribution to over 200 users automatically and many other services on Linux. The company Intranet consisted of Apache web server with user created contents, reports put up from oracle reports and MIS and reports from Oracle database with JSP and Java servlets. The mail facility for 200 users for internal mail and Internet mail through sendmail / fetchmail and finally news groups with INN.

    Am quite familiar with Shell programming, C on Unix, job scheduling with cron jobs etc.

    Recently setup mail & web services on Digital Unix 5.0D on Alpha server at one client location.

    Nepa Limited, Nepanagar, India July, 1991 - Dec, 1995
    Nepa Limited is a large public sector organization in the manufacture of writing & printing paper as well as newsprint. They have installed capacity of 70,000 MT PY and employ about 3000 employees in various capacities. When joining the company in 1991, they did not have their own data center. All the processing was outsourced to a data center having ICL main frames and COBOL based systems. After my joining, all the installations were carried out in my guidance. Selected the manpower. All the jobs, which were earlier carried out at external data center at substantial cost & time were implemented in-house by my efforts. Was the prime mover in systems analysis, database design, programming and data processing. At the end, some of the applications computerized were as under: Sales & marketing system, Financial accounting system, Stores Accounting & Inventory, Payroll & Personnel information, Time office & leave records, Estate & quarter information system and Various other jobs such as PF, Employee advances Social forestry etc.
    Environment: Propriety HW & UNIX,UNIFY 4.0, C, Fox Plus on UNIX, Later on Oracle 6.0

    Experience as Unix system administration at Nepa Limited
    In addition to above duties, I also performed the job of Unix system adm. The company had propriety UNIX OS compatible to SVR 3.2. As Unix system adm, I had installed UNIX, configured kernel, created users was responsible for backup & recovery procedures.

    Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, India April, 1985 - June, 1991
    Hindustan Paper Corporation is a multi unit public sector organization having 5 units across the country for writing & printing paper and newsprint. I was placed at one of the units in Assam having installed capacity of 100,000 MTPY and employing about 1500 employees. The job involved that of systems analysis & design, database design, programming, systems implementation and maintenance of all business systems as described above. Assisted by programmers. The job also included of general IT management.
    Environment: Propriety HW & SW, PC, MS Xenix & AT & T UNIX 4.3.2, UNIFY 4.0, ACCELL, C, Fox Plus, BASIC, COBOL

    Experience as Unix system administration at HPC
    The unix environment at HPC was quite similar to that at Nepa Limited and I performed the job as unix system adm for over 4 years after we procured & installed unix compatible to SVR 3.2 on Intel plateforms.

    Hindustan Computers Limited April, 1982 - March, 1985
    Hindustan Computers limited, now HCL Insys is largest IT Company in India. Employed to look after customer support for HW & SW in entire NE Region of India, which included Assam and other 6 small states. The job involved touring the area and solving the HW & SW problems of customers.
    Environment: Propriety HW & SW, Intel 8085 / 8086 CPUs

    Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Bombay /
    Variable Energy Cyclotron Center (VECC), Calcutta July, 1980 - March, 1982
    After completion of B E, joined BARC, Bombay as Scientific Officer trainee for one year full time training. BARC is premier Atomic energy research institution of India. During the training we learned varied topics such as nuclear science, power plants, health physics, nuclear fuels, chemistry, mathematics & OR, electronics & Computers etc. After the training was posted at VECC, Calcutta as Scientific Officer (C) in mainframe computing facility having CII Honeywell Bull mainframe machine IRIS-80, as computer engineer.
    Environment: CII Honeywell Bull IRIS-80 mainframe, Development works on 8085

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    Thumbs up I have 3 Oracle guys for you

    Here is the resumes of one guy that can do the job for you. His hourly rate is: $60 an hr. He is ready to work NOW!!

    Please contact me if your interested in the other resumes. I think Logan fits what your looking for best!


    Logan Applesamy

    IBM PC.
    Oracle (7.3 – 8.05), Oracle DBA, Developer 2000, Oracle Forms (4.5, 5), Oracle Reports (2.5, 3), Oracle Graphics 3, SQL, PL/SQL, G2, HP-UX 10.20, MPEix, HP3000, Cognos, Powerhouse, Image, Unix Shell Scripting, MS Windows 95/NT.
    Logan has a Diploma in Computer Data Processing and over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He is an accomplished Oracle DBA and Developer responsible for the development and implementation of databases. He is experienced in writing database packages, procedures and triggers. Logan wrote numerous user interfaces that included: forms, reports and graphics. He entered Richards Bay Coal Terminal Company in 1990
    as a Programmer, advanced in 1992 to a Developer, and then in 1995 was promoted to an Oracle DBA. Logan is comfortable working independently or in a team environment.
    Highly recommended.
    RICHARDS BAY COAL TERMINAL COMPANY, South Africa Jan 1990 – Jan 2001
    Main job functions:
    · Design and Development using Oracle Developer/2000 on both the Unix and Windows platforms.
    · Database design and administration
    · G2 enhancements.
    · Liaise with users and management as to the system requirements.
    · Ensure system availability (plant operates 24 x 7)
    · Documentation of system changes and enhancements.
    · Maintenance of all the HP equipment.

    Oracle DBA (1995 – 2001)
    Environment: HP9000, Oracle (7.3, 8.05), Oracle Developer 2000, Unix, G2.
    The OPC system was migrated to an Oracle database. The TCS was re-written in order to use Oracle Forms and database. The OPC system is used to capture trains, ships and stockpiles into the Oracle database. Resources are used byG2 to setup routes in the plant to either stack trains to stockpiles or reclaim coal from stockpiles to loading ships. Trains can also be bypassed directly to ships. The system also keeps track of ships and trains. It reports tonnage handled, breakdowns that cause delays, and measures the performance of the plant: loading rates, reclaim rates, machine utilization.
    · Logan attended courses on the Oracle relational database, which ranged from the Developer/2000 tool set to database design and database administration.
    · Part of the team that has designed the new relational database and written SQL to access the database.
    · Wrote user interfaces that included: forms, reports and graphics. It was a HP UNIX platform as well as on Windows95. He wrote about 20 forms and 30 reports, some including graphs.
    · Upgraded the Oracle database from version 7.3 to version 8.0.5. He developed in Forms 4.5 & 5, Reports 2.5 & 3 and Graphics 3.
    · Wrote database packages, procedures and triggers in PL/SQL.
    · Installed the HP-UX 10.20 operating system on the following models of HP9000’s: C 730,
    C 100, C 180, C 3000. These are all series 700 workstations which act as servers.
    · Became familiar with the G2 real time expert system that is used to interface to the plant
    PLC’s via a Promace real time memory resident database.

    Developer (1992 – 1995)
    Environment: HP3000, Powerhouse, Image Database, MPEix.
    · Logan maintained the Operations Planning and Control (OPC) System. This system was written in Powerhouse. It ran on a HP3000 series 918 and the MPE/ix operating system. The data resided in the proprietary Image Database. Logan was required to liaise with users to obtain requirements, as well as train them.
    · Wrote and enhanced parts of the system: performed the analysis, design and coding.
    · Responsible for the administration of the database. He wrote the interface to the Terminal Control System (TCS) in order to populate the image database. The OPC system is a reporting system on plant performance & other statistics. The TCS runs on a Unix system.

    Programmer, (1990 – 1992)
    Environment: HP3000.
    · Logan was responsible for the backing up of all systems (HP 3000 & HP 1000). At that stage the company did not have a network on place. All users where connected to the system via serial cable. He was responsible for the installation of terminals and printers.

    If your looking for good programmers we have them.

    Kama will GUARANTEE the first week of our consultants employment, if you are not happy we will not send you the bill!

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