update a column with time stamp
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Thread: update a column with time stamp

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    Assuming that I have a table that has a time stamp on column called time. And I want to update
    this column with date and time e.g (02/22/2001 and time is 1 :24 pm) how do I do that?

    2.What if I want update that same column with the same date but this time with
    sysdate instead of the specified time.

    Can any one please show me the syntax for these 2 examples?


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    Assuming that the column is of type 'date' - to update the column with a specific value you could say

    update table_name set column_name = to_date('02/06/2001 13:24:04', 'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') where .....

    To update with the sysdate, you could just say
    update ..... set column_name = sysdate where .....

    Hope this helps.

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