HELP! we just migrated servers over the weekend. We had veritas backup exec doing a hot backup of the old server. However, we are getting Dr. Watson log dumps everytime we try to start it on the new server. Same versions of oracle on both machines, we just did a logical export/import.

We had the "new" server up for awhile as a training server with the instance duplicated so we could train with real data. But, we never did a hot backup.

The event viewer on the NT side is recording an error about "the open procedure for service "oracle7" in Dll "operfdll.dl" failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is DWORD )"

Veritas is working with us but the first tech we talked to did not know about the above but would look into it.

thoughts??? suggestions?? We are near a river so chucking it in the river was given serious thought !