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Thread: New DBA needs a little direction

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    I have been given the task of managing
    a Oracle 8i Standard Server on NT.

    I have done the creating of table/views/etc. but not
    server management.

    The situation is:
    The network is Novel & Windows. And Oracle has been
    installed. Thats it.

    How do I get started?

    I bought the book Oracle DBA 101 and it isn't covering
    that basis that I need. Anybody have a better book
    or some better help files on the net?

    I have been thrown into this (nothing new there LOL)
    and I am expected to get this going within a week for
    application development (nothing new there either)

    I am sinking fast.... can anyone throw me a rope?

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    How quikly you can get/find and print the following manual hard copy from Oracle/Oracle site ? Just to startup. This one is good. I was more DBA on Unix Platform. It did help me a lot on NT to start with.

    Getting Started for windows NT( Enterprise Edition 8i)
    Part No. A68694-02

    For the rest of the stuff Generic documentation 'Adminstrator Guide' would do.

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    Not that you couldn't do it yourself, but have you thought of getting a consultant for a couple of days? In a couple of days you can have your database up and properly setup and you will get about 2 months of experience just by watching.
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