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    I'm trying to compress the data into 1 extent.

    I exported my table, disable all constraints....
    truncated the table...
    type - alter table TABLE_A deallocate unused;

    I then ran:

    select t.owner, t.TABLE_NAME, e.TABLESPACE_NAME, count(*) as cnt
    from dba_tables t, dba_extents e
    where t.table_NAME = e.SEGMENT_NAME
    and e.segment_type = 'TABLE'
    group by t.owner, t.TABLE_NAME, e.TABLESPACE_NAME
    having count(*) > 2
    order by t.owner, e.TABLESPACE_NAME, cnt

    It still shows me having like 40 extents... how do I get oracle or dba_extents to update itself?


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    1.) export the table, definitions and data with compress=y
    2.)drop the original table.
    3.)import the table
    John Doyle

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    Is there a way to do it without dropping the table?

    I compressed the export (which is the default)... and i then altered the table and set the NEXT to like 10M, from 100K.

    im not sure how to get around it.

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    if you already truncated it, is there a reason not to drop it?

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    try alter table X deallocate unused KEEP 1K. I think this will drop all of the extents except the first one. THen you can make your next extent nice and big. Is 2 extents close enough?

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    If you are in 8i use the alter table move table it does the same job as you want .You need not export nor import.
    only thing u need to rebuild the indexes..

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