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    I am a new oracle database administrator. i have to unistall my oracle 8.0.5 and install oracle 8i. I thought i had unistalled oracel 8.05 successfully, but when i try to install 8i i ran into problems. i need to get this accomplished as soon as i can.

    please help with detailed steps to unstall oracle 8.05.

    i plan my uninstallation in these steps.-

    stop all oracle services in control panel
    using database assistant to unistall the oracle software
    then finally delete the oracle files on on the my computer.

    My problems is i am unsure if to delete all files that say oracle, all oradata files. here is my problem.

    Please help with steps to uninstall oracle 8.05-the software and the physical files and whatever else i need to do.

    Thank you everybody in advance. i have ssen the response to unistall oracle 8i. is it similar steps.

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    If its NT, you have steps for 8i uninstall in an earlier post today. Check it out. Same procedure even for 8.


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    - Shutdowm all services
    - physically delete all oracle directories ( if no database in it )
    - delete all environment variables
    - delete all Oracle services manually from NT registry
    - restart machine and install new Oracle
    Hisham Nagia
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    I was also facing the same problem, I tried some tips I got from other members like using oradim80.exe to remove SID.You can try this.
    Anand Halkunde

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