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Thread: how to move an oracle 8i 8.1.6 from linux to windows

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    how to move an oracle 8i 8.1.6 from linux to windows

    hi there
    i have an oracle 8i database on a red hat linux 9 system an i want to move it on windows system how can i do that.

    anybody can assist

    thanks in advance

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    8i is way out of support. You really need to upgrade to 11g or 12c if you want support. Traditionally someone would export the data from Redhat,
    create a new windows database, create the schema users, give them the right privileges then import the data. I would be happy to do the migration
    for $40 per hour. You can probably use paypal to pay me. How big is your database? How much downtime can you take to move the data? Are you
    moving to 8i on Windows, or can you do an upgrade with this move?
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