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Thread: What was your first week as a DBA like?

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    What was your first week as a DBA like?

    I recently got a new job at a company as a DBA. I know for now they plan on training me for a lot of things they are planning to do. They are going to go from pl/sql oracle to postgre sql. I have general knowledge of being a dba from training but have never done it before so I just want to see and know what to expect..

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    They should have documentation for how they manage their databases. Read all of it, and look for places where the documentation does not match the reality of how they manage their databases and make a list of where the documentation needs to be updated. If there are other DBA's talk to them about what their issues are, and see if you can come up with solutions for those problems, and talk to the other DBA's about what you think.

    I am starting a new DBA job on 9/11. I will be their only true DBA. But I will do much of the above. My first week as a DBA was in 1998. I was hired to be a DBA, even though I had not experience. I had to figure out how to connect to and backup the 16-bit Oracle database running on an HP server running Netware 4.1. Probably not very relevant.
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    Thank you I just hope the training is something I can handle. So far I think I am the only DBA at the company but will be off site at first to be trained. I had training to be a dba in a classroom environment but this company is the first real world experience I will get. I know they use the cloud system at the company. In class we did our backup with rman and data pump so idk how different this will be from class.

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