Hello Friends!

I am doing a process of the reorganization on a database wich size is already 400 GB; the database Oracle support a system R/3 (SAP 40B). I am using the tools of SAP for the reorganization process (SAPDBA); the operating system is AIX and the reorganization process uses the method export/import. The size of the dump file generated for el export is about 4GB ( I have probed the creation of the file with this size through the operating system and it is possible). The parameter max_dump_file_size into the init file is correctly posted and samely the buffer size of the export. We have Oracle and itīs not possible to create a dump file longer than 2GB. I would know why does it occur on AIX? are there any solution?. I am finding a solution to create the dump file with the size 4GB and I have seem the options into the SAP for chop the file with the size appropriate.
Thanks for your help