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    Hello, all:

    What is the meaning of columns avg_space and empty_block in table dba_tables? I used command to analyze the tables and select from dba_tables to get table statistics. But something feel strange to me. I have table A and B:

    avg_row_len num_rows avg_space empty_block
    A 60 650 1541 109
    B 82 16680 551 95

    It suppose that B consumes more space.

    Could you help me explain it? Thanks.

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    The avg_space - is the average number of free bytes in each

    empty_block - is the number of data blocks above the
    highwater mark.
    (Total blocks allocated=Blocks + emptyblocks +1 )

    Blocks - represents the highwater mark.

    Hope this helps to some extent.

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    EMPTY_BLOCKS : The number of empty(never used) data blocks in the table.

    AVG_SPACE : The average available freespace in the table

    Now try imply thses definitions to the tables A,B here. B consumes more space. It is.

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