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    I created a database using the automatic database creation feature when I installed Oracle 8.1.6EE. Now I would like to move the database to another drive and create an additional database on still another drive. How do I do this and get Oracle to recognize where the databases are located?
    Thanks for any help.

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    1. document where your existing files live. (v$controlfile, v$datafile, v$logfile, init.ora, orapw file)
    2. shutdown immediate
    3. do a cold backup
    4. move your files to their new locations
    5. edit your init.ora file for path specific info
    6. startup mount
    7. alter database rename file 'old_path_and_file' to 'new_path_and_file' for each data file
    8. alter database open
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    Thank you for your answer.

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