Picking up on an earlier thread "Coalesce"
My system tablespace has 50 M used in a single datafile, which occupies 200M. Tablespace manger shows that there are two objects, owned by sys, located at the end of the datafile, with about 150M of empty space between them and the rest of the objects. Except for these two objects, all objects in the tablespace are located at the front of the datafile. Therefore about 150M of the datafile is effectively unused and is causing excessive time for backing up this tablespace.
Can I reorganize this tablespace to put everything into the front of the datafile and free up the unsed space?
I tried exporting several ways including exporting the owners of the objects (sys, and someone else) and a full database export, but the export terminates unsuccessfully, claiming ORA-600 (which apparently means call Oracle support).
Any ideas?