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    Diffusion Data Table on geographic carte

    I create a new form called MAP.FMB

    At form Level: i create a trigger when_new_form_ instance :
    Set_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',1, 'SETIMAGE','file:///C:\Dev9i\forms90\My_Projects\Meteo\Location_map_Lebanon.jpg' ) ; -- this map has tow region Sud (Sd) and Beirut (Bi)

    This form has a block : BL with

    Bean Item (Bean)
    has the following property (Item Type : BEAN, Implementation Class : oracle.forms.fd.MapComponent)
    Under which I write the following trigger: when_custom_item_event: message( Get_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',1, 'NAME'), no_acknowledge);

    Button Item (BT)
    has the following property (Item Type : Push Button)
    Under which I write the following trigger : When button pressed:
    Set_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',1, 'SETFONTCOLOR','255,0,100' );
    Set_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',1, 'SETPOLYGON','Sd,url1,284,128,272,138,292,181,315,196,336,194,353,178,361,166,342,133');
    Set_Custom_Property('BL.BEAN',1, 'SETPOLYGON','bi ,url2,274,146,246,163,221,230,213,258,260,304,307,304,341,281,341,204,336,192,316,198');

    At run time when I press on the button BT the two polygons that determine the boundaries of the two regions (Sd, Bi) are well displayed.

    In addition the two regions (Sud, Beirut) were related by their specific identification (SD,Bi)on relational database table for example as follows:

    Table: Clim Data

    Region_id --- temperature --- pressure
    SD --- 20 --- 1012
    SD --- 25 --- 1014
    SD --- 30 --- 1018
    SD --- 33 --- 1020
    SD --- 35 --- 1025
    Bi --- 15 --- 1012
    Bi --- 19 --- 1016
    Bi --- 20 --- 1023

    How can I disseminate or diffuse these data on the two polygons (Sd, Bi)that delimit the sud and Beirut regions as mentioned above according to their specific identification. ??

    I thank and appreciate whoever gives me any suggestion.

    software : Forms [32 Bit] Version , oracle JInitiator:, WebUtil 1.0.2(Beta), window , IE 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by meteo1974 View Post
    software : Forms [32 Bit] Version , oracle JInitiator:, WebUtil 1.0.2(Beta), window , IE 8
    I don't know the answer on how to resolve your issue, but all of the software you are using is out of support. Have you thought about upgrading everything? Oracle 9.1 was never very stable, JInitiator is all but dead, I have used WebUtil, but by your own admission you are using an old Beta version, and Windows 8 is no longer current. It could be you are trying to do something that will never work with the tools you are using. But I don't know that for certain.
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