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    Archive log issues.

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    1830597 Apr 17, 2014 10:03 AM

    All of a sudden, we are experiencing 100x the number of archived logs switch

    Does anyone have ideas on how to identify what is causing so many archived logs?


    OS Windows

    2008 R2


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    I am guessing that this is you as well. To add to what was said on the other post, you probably
    want to check for new cron, dbms_job and dbms_scheduler jobs. If you are licensed, try
    running either an ASH report or an AWR report. You can also look at log miner to see what
    changes are in the redo.

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    Did you check the archive_lag_target whether there is a change there?
    Did you check the v$archived_log if there is a decrease in size of your logfiles assuming that you are in achivelog mode?
    Did you, for some reason create/recreate redologfiles and made them smaller?
    Is there any development department at your company and did you contact them to see if there are made any changes or if there is added any programming regarding packages, procedures, triggers..... that are involving a lot of updates?
    Do you have auditing on your database and did it, by any change increase rapidly?
    Was your database is in force logging mode and if not do you have a lot of nologging tables, tablespaces, queries and did you check whether the database was put into force logging mode?

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