Hi folks,

i have 2 tables named F571226, F751226_10march in two different schema testdta, backupdta respectively
Note: F571226 doesnt have any data in testdta schema, both have same columns names
Now my requirement is to insert data into F571226 from F571226_10march

but when i try to insert by below command it taking too time and failed

insert /*+ APPEND PARALLEL*/ into testdta.F571226 value select * from backupdta.F571226_10march14

shall i specify each field (columns name) instead of specifying source table (backupdta.F571226_10march) in the above syntax?. source table has got around 25000000 rows

please correct my syntax if it is wrong

insert /*+ APPEND PARALLEL */ nologging into testdta.F571226 value select col1, col2,col3,col4,col5 ................... from backupdta.F571226_10march.

thanks & regards