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    need refresh from production to Test evey month

    Hi folks,

    We have a production database on RAC Mode which has 4 node setup , we need to refresh two user or schema tables which around 200 tables from production to test database for examaple

    Prod is Production database on 4 RAC node setup username are proddta, prodctl, both of them have around 200 tables i need to refresh test database with two users name testdta,testctl,
    now my question is is there any way to refresh this through Enterprise Manager cloud control 12c or SQL developer or Toad?
    please if so could you people tell me the way through snap shot or step by step prodecure

    I would appreciate a lot for your suggestion

    we don't have oracle user level access so there is no chance for Expdp/Impdp, or normal exp/imp

    thanks & regards.

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    I assume that the two schemas that need to be refreshed have most of the data in the database. Then cloning with RMAN is the best way to go. Assuming that your database is on Linux, you really want to write a shell script to do the RMAN backups anyway, then have the backup scripts push the backups to the dev server, then have a separate script that can do the clone. I assume that you already have a backup and recovery plan in place.

    With Enterprise Manager you can create and schedule backups, but you need a way to get the backups to the dev server. If you have 11gR2 you should be able to do live clones from the prod server to the dev server that don't rely on having a backup. I haven't tried this, since I have always had ssh access to the servers that I manage, or in the case of windows remote desktop access.

    If you want to do it correctly you need direct access to the server whatever OS is being used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by younusdba View Post
    Hi folks,

    We have a production database . . .

    . . . E t c . . .

    we don't have oracle user level access so there is no chance for Expdp/Impdp, or normal exp/imp
    If you cannot use datapump or export/import utilities, why do you think EM 12c or TOAD can help? With the exception of TOAD having the ability to unload a table to a flat file, how do you think these programs do it?

    If those schema's are contained in their own tablespace(s), the quickest way would be to move the data using transportable tablespace method (also depends on the size of the data), but unfortunately you cannot use datapump.

    PS: You can execute datapump/exp/imp (not in TT mode) from remote server using network link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by younusdba View Post
    ...we don't have oracle user level access
    Ask you DBA to either setup the process for you or grant you the required credentials to do it.
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