Hi!I have installed Oracle 11gR2 with ORACLE_HOME=D:\app\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1 and Oracle 10g Developer with ORACLE_HOME=D:\DevSuiteHome2 on Windows 7

However,I cannot work with both homes simultaneously.If I set ORACLE_HOME for the 10g Developer then I cannot log in to db as it gives me error Can't initialize OCI. Error -1 when logging in from Toad or error the procedure entry point longjmp could not be located in dynamic link library orauts.dll when logging through sqlplus on cmd prompt.Yet if I set ORACLE_HOME for db then I cannot launch Forms builder as I get error frm-18103 failed to initialize the development environment.

How can I setup ORACLE_HOME so that I can work with both Developer and database at the same time?