Hello Friends.

We are re-designing our App and we have a critical question, what's the best way (in terms of performance) of using TIFF images (about 20K size) with Oracle.
Currently we have a Windows shared file server and we create the tiff images there under a huge directory structure (like /images/ddddmmyy/aa/bb/001, then /images/ddddmmyy/aa/bb/002, etc, etc). Our database is usually in LINUX version 10, 11 or 12.
We create about 200,000 images per day, keep them for 60 days and then remove that structure.
Our Web app (developed with .NET) reads those images just to display them on a Web Session (IE).

As you can see, what we are doing now works fine. But network sometimes is an issue and also it's hard to keep synchronization with our DR server, backups, etc.

Are we taking the correct approach? It would be better to have the images in CLOB or BLOBS for better performance? If so, can you provide me some suggestions on the best way to implement this?
As I mentioned, performance is the KEY FACTOR and the most important item to consider in this design.