Hello, I am having a unique problem running SQLLOADER on WINDOWS NT.

We have production box which is working fine. We have installed another instance of oracle on a new server. I am trying to load data into this new server using the same scripts running on the server. The input data is residing on the production server. So I map a drive on my new server (Drive:F) which points to production server.

I submit a perl script using NT scheduler. This script builds the SQLLOADER command and ctl file on the fly and points for data file as F:. When the SQLLOADER command is executed I get an error message stating that it does not have authority for files in Drive F:. If I open a DOS window and do a cut paste of the sql loader command it work fine.

I am sigined on as admin on the new server. The userid and password are set the same as productions server. Same users exist. What is the problem?. Why does sqlloader give this error message.

If I copy the data files to the local new server the script work fine. Why do I get the error message stating No authority. SQL *LOADER-552 insufficient privilege to open file.

Thanks for any help I can get in advance.