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    Starting EM Error

    Hello all

    I am trying to log into the Enterprise Manager and I got the error message:
    (Agent Connection to Instance
    Details ORA-28001: the password has expired (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin)

    How can I resolve this please?

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    So when you type sysman into the username field and the password into the password field,
    and the application tells you that the sysman password is expired, do you then try to log into
    sqlplus as sysman and change the sysman password? To know if an expired password
    is you only problem, you should look at the log files associated with OEM.

    Also when asking for help, you should post the operating system and version of OEM along
    with your question, in case that is relevant to the issue. But to keep this from happening,
    you may want to change the password expiration policy for the sysman user to not expire.
    To know which profile is being used, look at the profile field of the dba_users view, and then
    look for the expiration for that profile.

    In summary when a password is expired, you should change the password.
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    Changing the SYSMAN password is not strait forward, you need to follow the instructions in one of these Oracle support documents:

    How To Change the Password of the Database User Sysman (DB Control Repository Schema) [ID 259379.1]
    How to Change the Password of SYSMAN User in 10g and 11g Grid Control? [ID 270516.1]

    Otherwise if you have single instance database with dbcontrol (and you have DBA access), you could assign to the SYSMAN user a profile which does not expire the password and does not require you NOT to use the same password (if you change it).
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you. I went to the command line and and able to change the password. I followed the instruction about how to change the password at the command line, when I came to the EM it asks for the new password and I was able to change it. Now I could log into the EM properly.


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