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Thread: strange problem on compile of pl/sql using a db link

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    strange problem on compile of pl/sql using a db link

    Hi all,
    I am creating a pl/sql stored proc which has a db link in it.
    The SQL does an update
    UPDATE tableX@dblink SET DB_SOURCE='S';
    The DB_SOURCE is a new field which I just added to the record
    however it fails to compile.. even though this SQL works when run normally.
    Its as though the compiler is referring to the old record structure.. as though the compiler is compiling against
    a cached version of the record structure. Tomorrow I know it will work OK.
    Perhaps I need to get everyone to stop using the DB link before it refers to the correct record structure
    rather than the old one.
    Any ideas ?

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    Before Oracle 9i came out a grant was a grant. A grant received through a role worked as well as a direct grant.
    Starting in 9i in order to do something in a stored procedure that needed a grant, it wasn't enough that the
    grant came through a role. You needed a direct grant.

    So I am guessing that you need a direct grant for the table that you are updating. I you get to this table
    through a db link the user that you are connecting to in the other database needs the grant.
    this space intentionally left blank

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    thanks for your reply

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