I have a big problem .

One of my friends send me some files to help him to install them to his Oracle server but as a new user in oracle I am not sure how to do that. What I've recieved are this files :









And if helps , those files are dated at 2007 (maybe do I need another version or Oracle?)

I've googled for those files and what I get is that maybe files are from Acess , Are I am right?

I've hexed the files and in top of them they have this hex
6D6C6B6A1635 >>> mlkj.5

And In some parts of the files(hexing) are references to Oracle , so I dont know if It's Acess or Oracle. I've also tried to import the files using Navicat.But the result was just not as expected because all tables where nulled and with all columns the same name (from f1-fx)

Another thing I've tried is "Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery v3.2"


But it's a very expensive software that I think I dont money to "test"

Thanks for any kind of help!

That's all I know . Thanks you for your help