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Thread: DBA?

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    What's the difference b/w a Production DBA and a Development DBA?

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    Production dba: monitors all of the instances and servers and makes structural changes to the database themselves, such as adding users, tablespaces, and so on.

    Development DBA: works closely with an application development team to provide an optimal database solution.

    This is just one way to describe what a production dba and development dba do. I would think it would depend on where you work. I perform duties that would fall under both, but I'm a production dba. The big difference is being on call. A production DBA is usually on call 24x&X365. Development dba's usually aren't on call out side of normal business hours.

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    I'm basically a full time Development DBA. And the description is completly correct. I know this may be the wrong forum for this question but since the subject came up here. Does anyone know if there any type of Certification Program for a Development DBA?

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    Thanks for your responses.

    I don't believe there is a separate program for just the development DBA.
    I am a certified DBA and it covers both the development and production aspects.

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