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    Export select distinct into sheets in excel


    I'm looking for a functionality where i can export data from a database into excel where each select distinct result should be written into a separate tab.

    I have 74 distinct numbers from :

    select distinct(nr) from table;


    The records for nr 1 should be written to sheet 1
    The records for nr 2 should be written to sheet 2

    and so on.

    How would that be done?

    Best regards,


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    You probably want to use .NET to create the spreadsheet. Or maybe VBA within Excel.
    I can't imagine that anything else is going to interface with Excel and create the files
    the way you want.
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    May be a two steps process... first spool out "csv" files with the output of the queries, then importing them into Excel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vestlink View Post
    . . . E t c . . .
    and so on.

    How would that be done?
    Your requirements are incomplete, please post a working test case:
    - create table
    - insert statements
    - the result you want with these data
    - Explain with words and sentences the rules that lead to this result
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