I have searched all around, DBASupport as well as google. No luck. This is pretty much my requirement.

1: Schema ABC
2: Two table spaces: 1 - ABC_US 2 - ABC_CA
3: Tables in ABC will be partitioned (2 partitions) on Country_ID: 1 - PRTN_US 2 - PRTN_CA
4: Partition PRTN_US goes to TS ABC_US and partition PRTN_CA goes to TS ABC_CA
5: Data with Country_ID = 'USA' goes to PRTN_US and data with Country_ID = 'CA' goes to PRTN_CA

The main requirement is to create roles ROLE_READ_US and ROLE_READ_CA.

Now, these users have to be restricted to their specific country data. For ex: user ABC_RDR_US should only see the data in table space ABC_US.

How can this be achieved? There is no option to assign roles by table space.

Thanks, in advance