I have seen the DB activity spike occasionally, and when I look at the top sessions I see this running as sys man BEGIN EMD_NOTIFICATION.QUEUE_READY(:1, :2, :3); END; The software using the database doesn't appear to be effected (Users are not complaining during the high activity, and this is a user base were they complain over performance for everything else). When it happens it will kick me out of OEM. I have to restart the web browser and log back in. But if I check the status of dbconsole on the UNIX box is states hat it is still running the entire time. netstat shows the OEM port still listening. I did some google searching and found one site say it had to do with sys man not having execute rights to url_smtp and url_tcp, so I granted the rights but it still happened. The database is 10g and it is on a UNIX server. Can anyone give me some advise on resolving this issue, please. Thank you.