10g Standard DB on RHEL 4. I'm wondering if there is a way to re-create or re-generate past archive logs?

Here's the story behind this question:
A few days ago one of my guys started the DB by manually specifying pfile (eg: startup open pfile=/u01/app/oracle/admin/dbs/pfile/init.ora). The problem with that is the pfile specified did not contain all the parameters that are in spfile, namely log_archive_dest_1. I noticed the problem about two hours later and got it restarted correctly, the problem I have now is a gap in archive logs, missing about 25 log files. This gap has caused a problem with applying the archive logs to my standby database. I tried replacing the standby with a newer backup that I assumed wouldn't care about the missing logs but it still is. So I'm wondering if there is a way to remake those arch logs that got skipped or do I need to do an OPEN RESETLOGS?