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    Re-create archive logs

    10g Standard DB on RHEL 4. I'm wondering if there is a way to re-create or re-generate past archive logs?

    Here's the story behind this question:
    A few days ago one of my guys started the DB by manually specifying pfile (eg: startup open pfile=/u01/app/oracle/admin/dbs/pfile/init.ora). The problem with that is the pfile specified did not contain all the parameters that are in spfile, namely log_archive_dest_1. I noticed the problem about two hours later and got it restarted correctly, the problem I have now is a gap in archive logs, missing about 25 log files. This gap has caused a problem with applying the archive logs to my standby database. I tried replacing the standby with a newer backup that I assumed wouldn't care about the missing logs but it still is. So I'm wondering if there is a way to remake those arch logs that got skipped or do I need to do an OPEN RESETLOGS?


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    As far as I know they are lost forever, generated but never "archived".
    I would take a full backup of production starting this way a fresh, valid, archivelog sequence then recreate the stand-by based on such backup.
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    I would look under $ORACLE_HOME/dbs for the archive logs. You can also look through v$log_file to see where your archive logs have gone. As in:

    column member format a50
    select SUBSTR(member, 1, INSTR(member, '/', -1)-1) member, count(*) 
      from  V$LOGFILE 
     group by SUBSTR(member, 1, INSTR(member, '/', -1)-1) 
     order by 1;
    this space intentionally left blank

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    Thanks guys,

    gandolf, I was hoping the same thing but no such luck, they just weren't created.

    PAVB, I'm thinking these will be the steps to take then, would you say this sounds right?
    1. Full backup
    2. Open database with RESETLOGS option
    3. Another full backup
    4. Copy newest backup to standby

    Thanks very much for the advice,

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    Also, you can use RMAN Incremental Backups to Refresh a Standby Database.
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    You can use RMAN to refresh the standby database. take an incrimental back up from the current SCN of the standby from the primary and refresh the standby database.
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