I need your help. I had an requirement to compare db objects from QA instance to Stage instance, find out missing objects and syn up the databases. Import was done by DBA at our work location using impdp command as below. Only metadata was imported from QA to STG instance. After import few of db objects like materialized views, tables, triggers, package, procedure , views and indexes........are missing. I had a requirement to compare db objects and syn up the objects in schemas in two databases based on last_ddl executed. But there are around 100+ schemas with 1000's of db objects. What was the best and preferable way to compare and could some one explain me the process.

impdp system/xxxx dumpfile=dmp.dmp logfile=impdp.log CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY TRANSFORM=SEGMENT_ATTRIBUTES:n

I had used TOAD to compare the db objects but cannot compare schemas as i am looking for a output comparison based on last ddl executed.

There are custom schemas.

How can we compare custom schemas and seeded schemas using dbms metadata.get_ddl API...