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    Custom restore from RMAN

    Hello all, I have found great info searching and finding RMAN tutorials but I think my situation is a bit different than other issues I have found.

    I have RMAN backup on disk including control files and data. I need to restore it into a different database on a different machine, using a different file structure.

    Those above requirements are met in tutorials online, however my difference is that my target (destination) already has a database there.

    I am trying to restore a backup of prod into a database "dev" that's already in place and running. I essentially am trying to overwrite dev with prod but rename it "dev" afterwards, it needs to have the new name, and new SID. The tutorials I have found seem to be restoring to an empty non-existent database or just making a clone without changing id/name.

    Thanks to anyone that can give me guidance on this. The best would be a guide that I can follow. I will continue to research as I await a response.

    Edit: my ideal situation was just to export/import data pump the tablespaces that I need however the UNDO space isn't big enough to support the consistent=y parameter that is required for the exp/imp and I cannot increase that size at this time so my client has been pushing more and more to restore from an RMAN backup.
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