Urgent - Replication Data missing
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Thread: Urgent - Replication Data missing

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    I have some problem in replication.

    I have two database called DB1 and DB2.
    I have one table called T1 in DB1.
    I created a snapshot T2 in DB2 for T1 by using Database Link.
    I have sheduled the refresh group for every 5 seconds.
    I have created one Scheduled link for my database link every 5 secconds.

    Now I can able see the data from DB1.T1 through DB2.T2 snapshot.
    And the refreshing is also working fine.

    The problem is every five seconds it refresh the data.
    So when I select the data from DB2.T2 some times data missing. It comes after few seconds...
    I think for that refreshing it remove the data from DB2.T2 and again inserts.
    So I could't see the data continousely.

    Can you please help me out this...

    Thanks and Regards

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    what kind of refresh are you doing: fast or complete? Try fast.
    (To simplify things, try setup w/o groups first, just table-to-table.)

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    I don't think its deleting the data while refreshing it.
    Defeats the purpose of replication!!
    Fast refresh is one option, you can also use the parrallel option.

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    it is definetly deleting data.
    Now I forgot, but I believe that in complete refresh mode it just truncates table => for a while another session see zero rows.
    Can be easily tested with dbms_snapshot.refresh(,, 'C')

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