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    Capturing Baseline


    I do have a query with multiple bind variables. I dont the value of those bind variables to pass, as well as I could not able to figure those values in trace file.

    Now I am trying to run that sql with an additional hint (first_rows) and would like to capture that plan in baseline. How to capture baseline of that query with bind variables?

    I thought I will enable automatic baseline acpture and then run this sql with hint and could see the baseline.

    Any help will be appreciated!!


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    Be sure STATISTICS_LEVEL is NOT set to BASIC then query V$SQL_BIND_CAPTURE system view.
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    Dear PAVB,


    Now I have a different question. Let me explain you step by step

    (1) Presently the query is running from a middleware without any hint. And making code changes (adding hint) in the middleware requires time. The query has 6 bind variables defined. I located the query in the database with sqlid XXXX.

    (2) I am running the same query from sqlplus adding a hint and defining those bind variables like below

    variable B6 number;
    variable B5 number;
    variable B4 number;
    variable B3 number;
    variable B2 varchar2(20);
    variable B1 varchar2(20);
    exec :B6 := null;
    exec :B5 := null;
    exec :B4 := null;
    exec :B3 := null;
    exec :B2 := null;
    exec :B1 := null;

    (3) I got a SQLID, e.g YYYY for the query I ran above from sqlplus.


    (1) If I capture a baseline using the sqlid (YYYY) above, can I use that plan for the query coming from middleware?Hash_plan is different though.
    (2) If not, how to create a baseline for the query coming from middleware with a HINT?


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