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Thread: Processor for Oracle database server?

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    Processor for Oracle database server?


    I know that this is not a forum for hardware but I need your help urgently.
    We have license for maximum six cores CPU, and we had to choose a server for Oracle single instance database with one of these two processors:

    Intel Xeon E5-2643
    #core: 4, #Threads: 8, Clock Speed: 3.3GHz, Max Turbo: 3.5GHz, Cache: 10MB, System Bus: 8GT/s, DDR3-max 1600, Memory Bandwidth: 51.2GB/s

    Intel Xeon E5-2640
    #core: 6, #Threads: 12, Clock Speed: 2.5GHz, Max Turbo: 3GHz, Cache: 15MB, System Bus: 7.2GT/s, DDR3-max 1333, Memory Bandwidth: 42.6GB/s,64591

    For database server what is more important, number of cores, cache, or clock speed, system bus, DDR speed and memory bandwidth that this processors suport?
    Which processor would you choose?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Either processor might be OK, but if you are constrained on cores, I would put in as much memory as is practical. I would also lean more towards 6 cores than 4. I have customers with 144GB of RAM. Certainly 32GB should be a starting point. But all of this depends on your application and the number of concurrent connections.
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