I'm using a database link in a synonym to a remote DB with tables/views in a schema of another user.
( Oracle 11g )


create database link ALUPLINK
connect to DBL_User
using 'ALUDB';

Synonym :

create or replace synonym AWS_VW_WBESTAND


select * from AWS_VW_WBESTAND ;

DB-Link and synonym are private, user is Abarth.
If user User Abarth connects, using SQL/Plus or PL/SQL-Developer the Select works fine. Everything OK.

But if I use an Excel VBA Application( 2003, MS ADO 2.1 ) with the same user, password and DB I get the Error : ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found

If I change the user, both( SQL-Plus and Excel ) works. In both Cases db-link and synonym are private, both users only got granted SELECT onto the View AWS_VW_WBESTAND.

I cannot find differences between the granted rights.

So what is the difference between using link and synonym interactive and using them out of an Excel-vba-App ? Special rights ?