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    When we look into tnsnames.ora = -- what is this called as
    (ADDRESS =
    (HOST = 166.55.555.55)
    (PORT = 1521)
    (SID = seed) - I know that this is the data base name .


    should and sid should be same .When these names are created .

    when we connect to database we connect it by userid/password@host string ----------
    the host string refers to or sid name

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    >should and sid should be same .
    Do they have to be? No. Should they? That is a matter for personal preference. I prefer they are the same.

    >When these names are created .
    The SID is created when you create the database. is just an alias. You create the alias when you are ready to have clients connect to the database.

    >when we connect to database we connect it by >userid/password@host string ----------
    >the host string refers to or sid name
    sqlplus system/ (in most cases. You can mess around with your sqlnet.ora file and specify that is your default domain thereby bypassing the need to put for every connect.)
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