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Thread: How to use >= on a varchar2 datatype

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    How to use >= on a varchar2 datatype

    I have a table which has a column called "CUSTOMER_ID" and datatype of varchar2.

    I need to select all the rows with a value greater than 1013986 so I try using:

    select * from TABLE.A1_Cust_Cont WHERE CUSTOMER_ID>'1013986' order by CUSTOMER_ID asc;

    But it selects all the rows in the table - including numbers smaller. I assume I need to let SQL know to look at the CUSTOMER_ID column as a number.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Oracle is behaving as expected. If you have a bad design, you get bad results.
    You could force "numeric" comparison by left padding the column with zeroes:
    SELECT *
      FROM table_a1
     WHERE LPAD ( customer_id, 32, '0') >= LPAD ( '1013986', 32, '0')
     ORDER BY customer_id ASC
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    Exactly what I needed - thanks so much

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