Primary database - 2 node RAC cluster on ASM

Standby database - 2 node RAC cluster on ASM with dataguard

Version -

I have to copy some archivelogs which are on ASM to the ASM location of the standby node. can you please help.

Here's what I have so far ...

On primary
logged into RMAN
copy archivelog '+FRA_PROD/2012_10_26/thread_2_seq_6664.6373.79999999' to /u50/thread_2_seq_6664.6373.79999999' ;

The above command copied it to a f/s on the OS level.

then I scp'd the file to the standby node.

on the standby node :
i logged into rman
cataloged the file -- catalog start with "/u050/thread2-seq_6664.6373.79999999' ; - completed successfully

then i tried to copy the file into ASM as follows

copy archivelog '/u050/thread2-seq_6664.6373.79999999' to '+FRA_STANDBY/2012_10_26/thread2-seq_6664.6373.79999999' '

but got the error - ORA-01276: cannot add file +FRA+STANDBY/2012_10_26/thread2-seq_6664.6373.79999999. File has an Oracle managed Files file name.

Please suggest if there is any other way to accompolish copying files from one ASM node to another ASM node.

Appreciate your help.