I'm a SQL DBA, so pretty new to Oracle.

I'm trying to restore a database using impdp (it was created using expdp).

Here's my impdp statement:

impdp system/oracle full=y directory=ATA_PUMP_IR dumpfile=IRISexp%U.dmp remap_datafile=/'+PDATA/iris/datafile/undotbs2.302.699230857/':\'D:\NickL\App\oradata\DT_IRIS_EXPORT_2012\DATAFILE\undotbs2.302.699230857'/
This is the error I get:

ORA-39083: Object type TABLESPACE failed to create with error:
ORA-01276: Cannot add file +PATA/iris/datafile/undotbs2.302.6992308597. File has an Oracle Managed Files files name.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks