Is any one installed 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure "Software Only" in a standalone server then configured oracle restart manually? I am doing that to configure shadow image backp for one of my RAC sites and running into multiple issues while running roothas.pl

1. Along with GI software only installation for standalone server, crsctl executable is installing which is leading into below error.

root@standalonenode# /opt/oragrid/product/ -I/opt/oragrid/product/ -I/opt/oragrid/product/ /opt/oragrid/product/
Using configuration parameter file: /opt/oragrid/product/
Creating trace directory
Failure in execution (rc=-1, 0, No such file or directory) for command 1 /opt/oragrid/product/ query has releaseversion
Failure in execution (rc=-1, 0, No such file or directory) for command 1 /opt/oragrid/product/ query crs releaseversion
Improper Oracle Clusterware configuration found on this host
Deconfigure the existing cluster configuration before starting
to configure a new Clusterware
run '/opt/oragrid/product/ -deconfig'
to configure existing failed configuration and then rerun root.sh
To avoid the above issue, i choose option 2 i.e clone GI binaries from RAC production site. Did existing binaries tar ball in prod, extraced into standalone server, turn off rac, clone to attach to Inventory, deconfig oracle restart then configuring oracle restart. This model is running into below issue.

Using configuration parameter file: /opt/oragrid/product/
bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied
bash: /opt/oragrid/product/ Permission denied
Failed to create or upgrade OLR
Failed to write the checkpoint:'ROOTCRS_OLR' with status:FAIL.Error code is 32256
Failed to create or upgrade OLR at /opt/oragrid/product/ line 6773.
Just before running roothas.pl i took the snap shot of permissions. I have 755 on /root/.bashrc, /etc/oracle, and $GRID_HOME. As soon as roothas.pl executed the permissions are changing anf the script failing.

I know this is kind of weired issue but any suggestions are much appreciated.