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Thread: Dear Gandolf....

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    Dear Gandolf....

    yer still ugly.


    I remember when this place was cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Hanky View Post
    yer still ugly.


    It's nice to know that you still care. I was just thinking about you the other day. I was watching
    Out of the furnace, and I got to the part where they went to New Jersey and I heard the faint
    sound of banjo music...

    How are things in Jersey? Are you staying out of prison, more than you are staying in prison?
    Actually last year I had a gig where I was doing performance tuning for a call monitoring system
    for a prison in New Jersey. So if that helped you make a phone call you are welcome.
    I was working for a customer who was the vendor for a vendor that provided an application to
    prisons for making sure that prisoners are getting billed for their calls. Sounds far fetched, but true.
    Apparently people were waiting over two minutes to get a dial tone and the sessions were timing out.
    I think it might have been a locking issue.
    this space intentionally left blank

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