My customer have an Oracle9i. (in Brazil).

I already loaded all the data that I need, and I have problem with the Brazilian character accentuation.

The data with accentuation in the database are stored correctly, (I can see it fine using a SELECT manually in SQLPLUS or TOAD)

But I built a xHarbour program to access it and the accentuation appears bad in the screen (dos windows) (crazy characters appears).

I already was created another Oracle9i database in my notebook and I can see the characters with accentuation fine, therefore I have only accentuation problems when run my xHarbour program against the database of mu customer.

I noticed that the NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET in the database of my customer is set to WE8ISO8859P1.

I my local Oracle9i Database, the NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET is set to AL16UTF16

I believe this is the problem.!!

My question is:

How to change the NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET f
rom WE8ISO8859P1 to AL16UTF16 ?

This change could cause problems in other programs?

Please, see the attached picture.


Thanks in advance,