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    recover database oracle 10g (archives not present after end backup)

    hi all,

    i am having online db backup

    (alter database begin backup--arch seq=010
    (alter database end backup--arch seq=015 (5 mins before end backup)

    but after end backup i don't have any archives .

    Now after restoring the database , how can i bring the database up.

    if already answered please help me with link bit urgent.

    thanks in Advance ,


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    It will ask you for the archive logs generated after begin backup. So, keep all the archivelogs generated after begin backup safe, restore then apply the archive logs.

    It seems like your test box, so you are free to do some R&D.

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    Please log into sqlplus and run...

    archive log list;

    ...then post session log.
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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    You need to apply at least one log generated after the control file was backed up, possibly more. So in your backup you should backup the data files with the control file, then backup the archive logs. You should not backup the control file after you backup the archive logs.
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    hi ,

    thanks for the answer.

    but my qusetion in details:
    1. at 10 am from crontab
    (1a. alter database backup controlfile to trace as ' /path/'
    (1b alter database begin backup

    at 10.30 am - backup begin through veritas server.
    at 11.30 am ---backup end through veritas server.
    2. at 12.10 pm from crontab
    (2a. alter database end backup).

    in this CASE i should have arhives atleast before 10 am --- till 12.10 pm + atleast 2 archive after end backup (12.10 pm)

    BUT in this case TAPES will be having archives till-11.30 am , SO if i am restoring the backup to some other servers it is of no gud.

    1)NOW i want to know how i can bring the DB UP?
    2) I should create control file before begin backup or after end backup?
    ( As far my understanding i should create it before begin backup ( as SCN detail will be old one in control file) plz correct if i am wrong.

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    Here is my question:

    =>Why arent u using RMAN?
    =>Does the user managed backup take of arch log backups?..I doubt !!

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