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Thread: need help with subquery in select

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    need help with subquery in select

    I want to pull from a table both the weight and height, they are in same table with a name field of either weight or height and a value field.
    I'm trying this, but the subquery returns more than one value:
    select b.pat_ext_id,
    a.vital_result as height,
    (select d.vital_result from MRVL99 d where D.PTID = b.ptid and d.vital_name = 'Weight') as weight
    from MRVL99 a,
    MRPA99 b
    a.PTID = B.PTID
    and a.vital_name = 'Height'
    order by b.pat_ext_id

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm also afraid that this only gives me results if a person has both a height and a weight in the table.

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    Please post table desc

    Either way - if table design is any close to what I think it is, a self join will do it, no need for a subquery.
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    Table MRVL99
    Column DataType
    PTID Number(11)
    D_VITAL Date
    VITAL_NAME Char(30 Byte)
    VITAL_RESULT Char(20 Byte)

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    Try something like this:
    WITH mrvl99 AS
            (SELECT 1 ptid, SYSDATE d_vital,'Weight' vital_name, 101.1 vital_result FROM DUAL UNION
             SELECT 1, SYSDATE,'Height',   5.2 FROM DUAL UNION
             SELECT 2, SYSDATE,'Weight', 212.2 FROM DUAL UNION
             SELECT 2, SYSDATE,'Height',   5.7 FROM DUAL UNION
             SELECT 3, SYSDATE,'Weight', 183.3 FROM DUAL UNION
             SELECT 3, SYSDATE,'Height',  4.11 FROM DUAL)
    SELECT *
      FROM (SELECT ptid, vital_name, vital_result
              FROM mrvl99) 
     PIVOT (MAX( vital_result ) FOR vital_name IN ('Height', 'Weight'));
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