Hi Gurus,

I'm currently assessing the design/performance of a Distributed System in which hundreds of Field reps have local Oracle DBs ( on laptops & have to update a remote database ( via a PUBLIC database link. Field data (millions of records) collected daily is synched from the local to the remote DB & vise versathrough this database link. I have 2 concerns here:

1. Is the database link the best option for such a configuration? (recently field reps have been complaining about the slowness in synchronizing data between local & remote DBs).
If not, what other options are available for such processing?

2. I've read a lot about security concerns with using PUBLIC database links, but haven't seen any documents to proof they're a majority security issue. Can anyone tell me(with real life examples, if possible) why PUBLIC database links are considered not to be very secure?

Your responses will be highly appreciated.