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    Protecting a SQLPLUS account password in a script


    I have a SQL SQLPLUS script that needs to run on a Windows 2008R2 server.

    I have coded the script commands in script.sql

    I call script.sql using sqlplus /nolog @c:\scripts\script.sql

    How do I protect the password for the account so that the password is not in clear txt in the script.

    I don't want to have in the script

    connect user@host/PASSWORD

    How are other people out there protecting the password so it can't be seen clear txt in the script?


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    Not that much different than on UNIX, where an env file is sourced - the password is clear text within that file, but the rub is: who can read it? Same thing applies in Windows - use NTFS permissions to allow reading of the file only by whomever. A "dot" env file in UNIX is owned by oracle, so the perms may be rw-------. In Windows, block access to the file via NTFS.

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    Or...you also can use an "externally identified" account.
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