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    sort_area_size in oracle 10g

    I'm working on oracle 10g,
    In order to understand the effect of sort_area-size, I changed its value to 2048 bytes

    alter system set SORT_AREA_SIZE = 2048 deferred;

    and after some reading I saw that I should also change the value of workarea_size_policy parameter to manual in order to see the effects of changing the first parameter so I did:

    alter system set workarea_size_policy= manual;

    and I verified that the tow parameters have the new values.

    then I ran a sort query from one session and I monitored the sort activity from another session, by running these scripts:


    select tablespace_name,total_extents,total_blocks, used_extents from v$sort_segment;

    In fact, I couldn't really notice the differences after assigning the value 41943040 to the sort_area_size parameters!!

    So I would really like to help me to understand the effect of this parameter and how I can verify this effect in practice?

    thank you

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    well, are you are on 10g why to worry with manual allocation when you have a automated option? check pga_aggregate_target parameter in 10g. It will do every thing for you.

    Vijay Tummala

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    I want to understand the effect (the real use) of such parameters to understand really the use of each of them

    Thanks to help me in that,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ro2a.M View Post
    I want to understand the effect (the real use) of such parameters to understand really the use of each of them
    How about reading Oracle documentation? Let me quote: 'SORT_AREA_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the maximum amount of memory Oracle will use for a sort. After the sort is complete, but before the rows are returned, Oracle releases all of the memory allocated for the sort, except the amount specified by the SORT_AREA_RETAINED_SIZE parameter. After the last row is returned, Oracle releases the remainder of the memory.' (*)

    (*) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B13789_01/...tparams200.htm
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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